How to calculate live load of scaffolding

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How to calculate live load of scaffolding

Scaffolds that will be greater than feet in height above their base plates must be designed by a registered professional engineer i.

How To Calculate The Load On Scaffold? - PDF Download

Lean-to scaffolds are prohibited. Lean-to scaffolds are supported by tilting it toward and resting upon a building or structure. Shore scafffolds are prohibited. Shore scaffolds are placed against a building or structure and are held in place with props.

Each scaffold and scaffold component shall be capable of supporting, without failure, its own weight and at least four times the maximum intended load applied or transmitted to the scaffold. To figure the maximum intended load, total the weight of all persons, equipment, tools, materials, transmitted loads, and other loads reasonably anticipated to be applied to the scaffold or scaffold component at any one time.

Persons are estimated at pounds each. Scaffold and scaffold components shall not be loaded in excess of their maximum intended load or rated capacity, whichever is less. The rated load capacity of a scaffold is defined below. The maximum weight that can be applied to the scaffold is determined by data supplied by the manufacturer, expressed as permissible load per square feet e. A simple method to determine if a scaffold is overloaded is the Deflection Method. The deflection is measured with a tape measure and a straight edge.

Clearances apply to the tools and equipment being used in the vicinity of the power lines, materials being handled, any scaffolding component, and any part of a person's body. For clearance distances for insulated and uninsulated power lines, click here.

Employees shall be prohibited from working on scaffolds covered with snow, ice, or other slippery material ex. Work on or from scaffolds is also prohibied during storms or high winds unless a competent person has determined that it is safe for employees to be on the scaffold and those employees are protected by personal fall arrest systems or wind screens. Debris shall not be allowed to accumulate on work platforms.

Scrap material, mortar, demolition materials, etc. Ladders or makeshift devices, such as boxes, barrels, chairs, cans, etc. Scaffolding should be inspected for visual defects, such as:. The scaffold competent person must be notified immediately if a component becomes damaged after erection, and the scaffold must not be used until the damaged component has been properly repaired or replaced.

Return to Skip Menu Search. Return to Skip Menu Main Navigation. Return to Skip Menu Main Content. Scaffold General Requirements. Restrictions Scaffolds that will be greater than feet in height above their base plates must be designed by a registered professional engineer i. Preparation When preparing for work involving scaffolding, it is important to consider the following: What will be the intended use of the scaffolding?

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Consider what work tasks will be performed, anticipated loads for people, materials, and equipment, any unique building configurations which may create a problem, and electrical or piping obstructions which are in the area. What are the site conditions?The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 72 per cent of injuries on scaffolds are caused by planking giving way, slips and falling objects.

Many of these accidents can be avoided by following official standards on the construction and maintenance of scaffolding. You need to calculate the maximum live load of a scaffolding before you erect it, so you can choose the right type of tubing, bracing and planks for the job. A scaffold live load is the weight of the workers, equipment and materials which will be used on at any one time on the scaffold.

As it is impossible to know exactly how much weight a scaffold will have to withstand there are formulas and guidelines you can use to estimate a structure's live load. Estimate conservatively the weight of the workers, materials, supplies and equipment your scaffold will have to withstand at any one moment.

Use a project's work schedule, list of materials and the equipment that will be needed to complete the job to help you calculate the total weight estimate.

For instance, if you are going to have a maximum of 10 men working at the same time and the weight of the materials and equipment is 2,kg, you would multiply 10 by the average weight of your workers and add the total weight of the scaffolding standards, planking and other accessories.

If you use an average weight of kg, the live load would amount to 3,kg. Divide by three. Each standard, or vertical post, of a scaffold bay is designed to bear a third of a scaffold's live load. Following the example, 3,kg divided by three is 1,kg. Multiply by the number of platforms on your scaffolding unit. That is your scaffold's live load. Following the example, if you have a two-level scaffold, multiply 1,kg by two, which is 2,kg.

Andrew Latham has worked as a professional copywriter since and is the owner of LanguageVox, a Spanish and English language services provider. Written by: Andrew Latham Written on: February 04, Resources Tech Power Engineering: Scaffolds. Tips There are several ways of calculating a scaffold's live load. Check to make sure your local building and planning authority approves the method you use.

Warnings Never erect a scaffold if you do not have the experience and know how. Mistakes in the design and construction of a scaffold can cause serious accidents. About the Author.Home New Signup Login. Login To Your Account. Pon Construction. Rajivreddy4 Business. Co is a repository of information and resources created by industry seniors and experts sharing their real world insights. Join Network. This discussion thread is closed. If you want to continue this discussion or have a follow up question, please post it on the network.

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How To Calculate Safety Factor. Hr Manager - Docx Download. Support and guidelines to record Energy Consumption which will help us to conserve the Energy been used at our site. Signup Login.When designing a scaffolding structure, there are many things to consider when working out the required components. The first of which is the function of the scaffold.

how to calculate live load of scaffolding

We will look at determining whether a light, medium or heavy duty structure is required. Firstly though, it is important to know what kind of load the structure will be required to support. The dead load generally refers to the weight of the scaffold itself.

This includes the weight of the standard and all connected components such as the frames, crossbraces, planks, guardrails and attachments.

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Other forces such as environmental factors contribute to the dead load water and ice for example. The duty live load considers the function of the scaffold and the loads it carries. Function is best described as the use to be made of the scaffold structure ligh, medium or heavy duty use.

The nature of the work to be performed on the scaffold is a good indicator of the duty live load. For example, a bricklayer is more likely to impose a heavier load than a painter as the weight of the bricks is much higher than some cans of paint. The live load accounts for tha materials and equipment to be used and stored on the scaffold as well as the maximum number of people working on it at any given time. A scaffold should be designed to carry the required number of working platforms and also to support the live load.

When designing scaffolds and estimating component requirements, follow the required specifications outlined in the table below. Kg per platform per bay Approximate maximum mass of any single concentrated load of. Medium Duty Scaffold. Heavy Duty Scaffold.Log In. Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action.

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how to calculate live load of scaffolding

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Are there any rules of thumb for calculating the weight of occupied scaffolding? Maybe something regarding the floor area cover, amount of levels, and activity performed?

ASCE 37 has some guidance section 4. This might be either Fed. Also, take a look around some construction sites where scaffolding is being used.

How to calculate the SWL of a scaffold

Masonry construction probably causes some of the largest scaffolding loadings where pallets of conc. Why not talk with a couple scaffolding manufacturers? Sometimes E-Tips might be the easiest and quickest place to come with a question, but also the least productive, when you could go right to the manufacturer.

If the scaffold is tall enough that the dead load becomes significant, it likely has to be engineered in Canada anything over 50' must be engineered and the scaffold designer should be able to tell you the expected leg loads.

On my drawings I list the maximum expected leg load. The link below will take you to a webpage where you can download the technical manual for a typical scaffold system.

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It lists the weights of the components You'll also see they list the maximum capacity of the leg which could be taken as a high end estimate of the total load. In addition to what's stated above, manufacturers will labels scaffold and manuals for such information. Of course you should have stated the type of scaffold for which your inquiry relates because there are several types.

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how to calculate live load of scaffolding

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Safe Scaffolding Spotlight: How to Determine the Height and Load Capacity of Scaffolding

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Download Now. Often overlooked, jigs and fixtures are types of manufacturing aids used to produce products and are essential for delivering those products reliably, repeatedly and with high quality.Many accidents involving scaffolding are often due to un-fit for purpose scaffolding, a lack of scaffolding safety equipment and quite often — overloaded scaffolding. No scaffold shall be erected, moved dismantled or altered EXCEPT by or under the supervision of a competent and qualified person.

Scaffolding is a specialization and as such should only be operated, handled and adjusted by those fully trained and competent. Scaffolding over the years, has evolved from traditional tube and fitting scaffolds to the modern day system scaffolds such as Cuplock and Kwikstage. Today, there are over 30 different types of scaffolds available on the market.

Scaffolding can be bracket supported, pre-fabricated, fully supported, under-hung or even hanging as is often the case within Offshore, marine and oil and gas sectors. The load capacity of scaffolding is determined by a height to base ratio of. For example, a scaffolding structure with a base width of 3 meters can have a height of up to 12 meters. The height of a scaffolding structure erected outside a building height, the ratio is slightly less at; 3. UK or call us on — Tagged with: how to determine the load capacity of scaffolding scaffold manufacturers Scaffolding Safety Scaffolding Sales Scaffolding Supplies UK scaffolding.

Your email address will not be published. Lizzie Thomson. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Housing and other construction projects often require equipment for reaching the upper portions of a building.

Scaffolding provides a safe method for elevating workers to necessary heights. Scaffolding comes in many types, shapes and sizes, but is commonly rectangular and collapsible.

Scaffolding can be rented or purchased. To calculate the total amount of scaffolding necessary for a given project, the size and type of scaffolding must be determined.

how to calculate live load of scaffolding

Choose a scaffolding size. Most scaffolding is rented or sold in collapsible rectangular pieces that come in varying sizes and shapes.

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The type of scaffolding will depend on the project requirements and limitations. Divide the total length measurement by the length of a single scaffolding section. This will determine the total number of columns of scaffolding the project will require.

Divide the total height measurement by the height of a single scaffolding section. This will determine the total number of rows of scaffolding the project will require. Multiply the number of rows by the number of columns to find the total number of scaffold sections necessary for the project.

Multiply the number of scaffold sections by the price per day to find the total price per day of the scaffolding rental.

How to calculate scaffold load - Scaffold Design - Scaffolding Safety

If the project has an expected duration, multiply the number of days by the total price per day for a rough estimate of the total scaffolding cost. Nicholas Johnson is a Web programmer who has been moonlighting as a freelance writer sinceprimarily in the realm of technical research documents and school curricula.

He has also worked as an English teacher at an elementary school in South Korea. More Articles How to estimate the costs of scaffolding How to estimate scaffolding How to Calculate the Spread Rate in Asphalt Paving How to convert price per square meter to price per square foot How to work out the percentages for a pie chart. Written by: Nicholas Johnson Written on: February 04, About the Author.


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